Flogos – Custom Made Clouds

by Mark on April 13, 2008

24 inch Peace SymbolFrom my time as a  member of the press corps I  still get a lot press releases. Some of them are good but by and large most of them are not relevant and pretty bad. Fortunately for them I haven’t outed them like Chris Anderson has.

This one fascinated me even though it wasn’t very relevant to open source. It was a company that specializes in making cloud-like flying logos out of soaps bubbles called Flogos. I suppose the idea is that you have a logo that you convert into a Flogo and then cloud dispensing machine sends the logos flying over your event. Flogos are made of safe, eco-friendly soap that floats away and eventually dissolve.

Here’s a video (It’s in .wmv format unfortunately) of a flying Peace Sign. I think this would be a cool project for a Maker’s Faire.  I am sure you could duplicate the effect with some household items.

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