LinkedIn to Link Up with News Corp?

by Mark on May 5, 2008

My favorite social network is LinkedIn. It seems to have the most practical use of any of the social networks because I use it for business to network and keep in touch with colleagues. Today VentureBeat is speculating that LinkedIn might be close to being acquired:

Last fall, reliable sources said that News Corp was negotiating to buy LinkedIn. The purpose of that acquisition, according to sources, would be to integrate LinkedInís network with News Corp. newspapers like the Wall Street Journal. Hopefully, this would help New Corp to revive its declining print-media ad revenue through online initiatives.

However, weíre told that deal was dead of last week, because of News Corp.ís purchase of Newsday. Wall Street would look down on yet another purchase. Itís possible, however, that that the deal has been resurrected.

LinkedIn could be a very valuable acquisition given these demographics:

Its user base doubled last year to more than 20 million active users worldwide, and it claims that 1.3 million new members are joining per month. The average user is 41 years old and makes around $110,000 ó which the company claims helps it charge advertisers $75 per thousand impressions (which is exceptionally high).

I always thought LinkedIn would have a real future if it could couple a way to sync your address book like Plaxo. Who knows maybe someone will buy them and assimilate them into the their products Gmail address book powered by LinkedIn anyone?

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